Speech by Willi Kiefel, Vice Chairman Tuam-Straubing Twinning Committee to clebrate 25 years of Twinning between Tuam and Straubing
on 17/08/2016 in Theater am Hagen, Straubing, Germany
Tuam - Straubing Twinning
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A further 2 younger members of our Twinning Committee, Wolfgang and Andrea Claus have visited Straubing last year for a month and again this July. They have got to know Straubing well and have established many good contacts.
I am convinced that over the next years more younger people will join and that we, the “older generation” in the Twinning Committee, can step back. But we will continue to support the next generation with our experience and advise.
Last year we also have been able to add Archbishop McHale College as a new school to our exchange programme. Parents, teachers and students of this college were enthusiastic about the exchange experience. I hope this experience will help to develop a new interest for the other secondary schools in Tuam to join the student exchange with Straubing next year.

Ladies and Gentlemen,
at this stage I would like to remember our deceased colleagues and friends in the this town partnership project:
Herr Dr. Martin Wackerbauer sen., former Mayor and City Councillor of Straubing. Dr. Wackerbauer made the initial submission for this Twinning Partnership to Straubing’s City Council in 1988. He was also a founder member of the “Friends of Tuam” in Straubing.
Frau Elfriede Pollety, former teacher at Anton-Bruckner-Gymnasium and also a founder member of the “Friends of Tuam”. Elfriede had come to Tuam before the official twinning to help set up the first school and cultural exchanges. She has been a regular visitor to Tuam over many years.
Anne Geraghty and Noel O’Donoghue, who have been members of the Tuam-Straubing Twinning Committee for many years.
To conclude I would like to thank all those who have made major contributions to the success of this Twinning Partnership between Tuam and Straubing:
The Friends of Tuam in Straubing. They have worked hard since their foundation in 1991 to promote this partnership to a wider audience in Straubing and its hinterland. (by the way the Friends of Tuam also celebrate their 25th anniversary this year);
The Kulturamt in Straubing, which was the official contact for us to the City of Straubing and which always had an “open ear” for our sometimes “unusual” requests;
the host families, teachers and students, and last, but certainly no least, my colleagues and friends of the Tuam-Straubing Twinning Committee as well as my family.

Vielen Dank, Thank you very much agus Go Raith Maith Agat

Straubing, 17/08/2016, Willi Kiefel

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