Archbishop McHale College, Tuam Students, visit Straubing in April 2015
Tuam - Straubing Twinning
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The building that impressed us most was the gym. We sampled as many of the gym activities as time would allow which included rope climbing, wall climbing, trapeze, weight-lifting and throwing and simply swinging. Herr Schwarz treated us all to a delicious snack in the canteen called Leberkäse  and we set off to the town hall to meet the deputy mayor. At the town hall we were interviewed for the local radio station and thenbrought in to meet Maria Stelzl. We had light refreshments and she explained a little about the history of Straubing and the Twinning Committee. On Tuesday the Irish students got an authentic taste of German secondary school life by accompanying their partners to class. For the final evening of the exchange students cycled around Straubing and the local vicinity for last chance to enjoy the stunning Bavarian town.

On Wednesday morn we met again at the school to get the bus back to the airport. For some, it was
an emotional goodbye. Others were already making plans to meet again this Summer and there was
also talk of spending half of Transition Year in Ludwigs Gymnasium. Overall it was a huge success and
a valuable experience for all involved. The only complaint in the end was that the exchange did not
last long enough. However it is not over yet and we are already brainstorming ideas to be prepare
for the Germans return visit this October in an effort to make them feel every bit as welcome and be
as hospitable as they were to us.

A few of the students taking it easy in Regensburg.

From left to right:
Ethan Costello, Dean Mannion, Tadhg Dunleavy, Shane Lynch and Alannah Scarry.