Tuam - Straubing Twinning Welcome to our website Willkommen auf unserer Website The Tuam - Straubing twinning partnership was established in 1984. Die Tuam - Straubing Städtepartnerschaft wurde 1984 gegründet. Address, on 17/08/2011, at Straubing  International Twinning Ceremony, by Deputy Mayor of Tuam, Mr. Eamonn Kitt Dear Lord Mayor, Lady Mayor, representatives of the twinning towns and invited guests. It is a great privilege and honour for me to be back in your beautiful city on this the 20th anniversary of the official twinning of our towns.   When I was here in 2009 I had just been elected to our Tuam Town Council. This year I return as Deputy Mayor and bring warm greetings from the people of Tuam. I want to thank you most sincerely for your kind invitation to be with you once again and I greatly appreciate your warmth and hospitality and indeed your beautiful weather.   As well as celebrating the 20 years of twinning. I feel it is also important to acknowledge that we are also celebrating   27 years of the pupil exchange between our two communities. This exchange has been a great success.  Over the years my wife and I hosted a number of students and we have  kept in touch with a number of them. In fact this evening I am meeting up with some of them for a drink and a chat. All these young students who came to our town and surrounding areas 27 years ago came as ambassadors for Straubing and Germany. They went home as ambassadors of Tuam and Ireland.So now we can say that they are ambassadors for both our countries.   Although Ireland is  facing huge economic challenges at present I am confident that we can overcome these difficulties. Ireland has made great strides in the Pharmaceutical, Electronic and IT sectors with many big companies performing well at home. We have a well-educated young population available to grow these industries and we can look forward to continued growth in this sector.   We also, as you are aware, have the most fertile green agricultural land in Europe which augers well for the agricultural sector where the emphasis now is on fresh green organic produce and high quality meat produced from our lush pastures.. We should be able to capitalize in this growing agri- sector into the future.   Off course Ireland's scenic beauty and warm friendly hospitality continues to bring many tourists to our country. Thankfully, even in the midst of the economic challenges we face at present we haven't lost the  'Cead Míle Failte'  (hundred thousand welcomes) for which Ireland is  renowned. We are delighted that so many people still come to our country and enjoy the renowned Irish welcome   Finally I wish to congratulate 'Romans sur Isere' and 'Straubing' on their 40th twinning anniversary and give my best wishes to partner towns and befriended communities.   In conclusion I wish to reiterate my invitation to Oberburgermeister Markus Pannermayr to come and visit our town at any time in the future.  As I small reminder  for your visit I  have brought  a small present for you - a  Galway Crystal plate which contains our respective coats of arms as well as an inscription of 20 years of official twinning. The original twinning document was signed 20 years ago by the then Lord Mayor Fritz Geisperger and his successor Reinhold Perlak. Therefore both Willi Kiefel and myself would also like to present a similar plate to former Lord Mayor Herr Reinhold Perlak for all the people who have promoted and supported this town twinning in the past.   Thank you very much / Vielen Dank Pages designed and written by John Fahey and made with Xara