Tuam - Straubing Twinning Welcome to our website Willkommen auf unserer Website The Tuam - Straubing twinning partnership was established in 1984. Die Tuam - Straubing Städtepartnerschaft wurde 1984 gegründet. Christmas 2012 in Straubing  Christmas tree a big hit in Straubing: Decorations created by students from 4 National Schools in Tuam and Tuam Postal District have been sent to Straubing and have been used to decorate the Christmas tree in Strubing. The schools are: Mercy Primary School Tuam Principal: Mrs. Mary Trayers, Teacher: Mrs. Colette Lydon.  Age of pupils: 9-11 years St. Patrick's National School, Tuam Principal: Mr. Steve Lane, Teachers: Mrs. Mairead Lally, Mr. Ciaran Kennedy. Age of pupils: 10-11 years Ballinderry National School, Tuam Postal District Principal: Mr. Eamonn Kitt, Teachers:  Mrs Dawn Walsh and Mrs.Lorraine Henry. Age of pupils: 6-10 years Castlegar National School, Tuam Postal District Principal and teacher: Mrs. Sally Flynn. Age of pupils 6-10 years. The Tuam / Straubing Twinning Committee also provided photos ffeaturing scence from Tuam and details of the history of the twinning between our two towns. There has been a very positive reaction to this iniative from the people of Straubing. Pages designed and written by John Fahey and made with Xara