Tuam - Straubing Twinning Welcome to our website Willkommen auf unserer Website The Tuam - Straubing twinning partnership was established in 1984. Die Tuam - Straubing Städtepartnerschaft wurde 1984 gegründet. Visits 2007 / 08 On 21/6/1990, the Deputy Mayor of Straubing, Dr. Wackerbauer, proposed to the City Council of Straubing to establish a formal partnership with Tuam. This proposal was not endorsed in initially. But in view of the many representations by pupils and teachers and “Friends of Tuam” the City Council voted on 27/7/1990 to establish such a partnership. In February 1991 Straubing’s “Friends of Tuam” established a formal association. Its goal is “to bring life” into the partnership with Tuam.  On 22/4/91, the City Council formally ratified the partnership and proposed that the partnership charter should be signed at the time. The visits between tuam and Straubing have continued since. For a full acount of the history of the twinning see the “History” tab over. Below are some photos from recent visits: Pages designed and written by John Fahey and made with Xara Members of the Tuam twinning committee on the occassion of their visit to Straubing in July 2007 Twinning committee member, John Fahey, at the Gaudboden Fest in August 2008